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The Benefits of Registering a .style Domain Name
Choosing a domain name that accurately reflects your brand is crucial but can be especially difficult for new businesses, with most of the suitable .com variations already owned by other companies within the same market. Much like creating an email address, staying within the .com domain may require you to compromise your brand by adding extra numbers or letters to your company name, making it much less memorable. Buying a .style domain name enables you to uphold your brand whilst making it clear to consumers exactly what your company offers.
Selecting the Right Domain Name
Finding the right domain name is an essential part of building your brand, as it helps to establish an online presence that mirrors the name of your company and the services it provides. With our new top-level .style domains, it is much easier to find a domain name that supports your brand. Choose from great .style domain names, including related names like .boutique, .clothing, or .gifts - it all depends on your line of business. Our online domain checker shows you exactly which domains are available, allowing you to reserve your preferred extension so that no other company can use it. Order a .style domain name and secure your position in the competitive online fashion industry.
FAQs - see what other people asked about:

.style domain name

  • Will a new .style domain name confuse my customers?

    While the .com domain is currently the most common extension, internet users are becoming increasingly accustomed to seeing different variations, particularly among small businesses. A new top-level domain name like .style can actually help to create a much clearer brand for your company; a website with the domain .jewelry or .shoes, for example, offers greater insight into what a business provides than just .com or .net. Transferring your existing domain to a new top-level extension can also be done easily via our domain transfer service; simply request an authorization code from your current provider, enter the code and domain name into the domain transfer checker and follow the instructions. When transferring domains, a clearly communicated roll-out plan ensures that the transition is just as simple for your existing customers, so you need not worry about losing your audience in the process. Our customer support team are always on hand to assist with every stage of the registration or transferal process.
  • How will a new top-level domain affect the marketing of my business?

    A new top-level domain name such as .style or .clothing helps to strengthen your brand as it most accurately reflects the services that your company offers, thus helping to attract the right target audience. With a much wider variety of top-level domain names to choose from than with .com for example, it is much easier to use your business name as your web address. This is a great advertising tool and is crucial for creating a consistent and memorable brand. In terms of search engine ranking, a domain name containing the right keywords can help to achieve a higher position in search results. Search engines treat the new top-level domains much the same as other more common domains, so registering a new top-level extension like .style, will not have a negative effect on search result ranking.
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