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Technology nTLDs put your website at the vanguard of progress

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Progressive & Innovative
.tech domains ensure your website is always pushing the envelope of progress

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Stand out from the crowd with unforgettable technology-based domain names from 1&1

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Other fantastic technology TLDs

Discover more domains and select a range to complement your main website or direct users to specific features.

Our comprehensive collection of technology nTLDs brings together a number of unforgettable domain names for you to use. Choose from useful TLDs such as .blog, .web, .website, .email, and start building a domain portfolio that features common extensions for your users to access crucial features. Alternatively, more specific nTLDs such as .mobile, .mobi, .software, .video, and .cloud are available to help you further specialize your web presence and create web pages that promote each facet of your digital front. Whatever your chosen application, 1&1 can help you find and register the ideal domains.
FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about:

technology domains

  • How do I register a .tech domain name with 1&1?

    Registering your .tech domain name (or any other nTLD) with 1&1 couldn't be easier - and our team is here to help you every step of the way. To begin with, you should enter your desired web address into our domain search where you can quickly and easily check its availability. If you find that your domain is unavailable then 1&1 will display a number of alternatives from which you can choose. Alternatively you can try another domain combination if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for. From this point, registering your chosen domain can be completed in just a few simple steps and you can begin building your website using the many powerful tools, utilities and apps offered by 1&1. Discover just how easy it is to register a .tech domain today.
  • Can I transfer an existing domain and use it in conjunction with my new .tech nTLD?

    If you already have existing domain names that you wish to combine with your technology-based nTLDs, then 1&1 can help. In fact, we make the process of transferring your domains to your 1&1 account as simple as possible. Firstly, ensure you contact your current provider and obtain your transfer authentication code. Next, enter your current domain name into our domain search. You will then be informed that your domain is already taken; however, here you can simply select the transfer option and 1&1 will guide you through the rest of the process. It is possible to transfer any existing domains at any time, however, it is important to backup any files, databases or email accounts before you do so. It is also important to copy any previously used DNS settings and subdomains linked to your domain name. For more information on transferring your domain name, visit the 1&1 Help Centre.
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