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Windows vs. Linux

Choice of a Windows or Linux server with 1&1

  • Which is best? Learn about which server OS will best fit your website
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Package contents

Packages of either a 1&1 Windows or Linux server

1&1 offers web hosting bundles with a variety of pricing and features, we so finding the perfect solution with a Windows or Linux server is easy.For both server OS choices, our Basic plan is a fantastic option for those beginning their web projects, and includes large amounts of webspace, a domain and daily backups of your data. When it comes to the differences between Windows server hosting vs Linux servers, you'll find slightly more RAM with Linux, which results in shorter loading times for your website.One of our best-selling web hosting packages is our Unlimited plan, which gives you unlimited webspace, the ability to host multiple websites and a generous amount of MySQL databases, which are unrestrained if you select our Linux server. Similar to the Basic package, RAM on the Unlimited package is slightly higher with Linux server hosting.Our final package selection is 1&1 Performance , which assures reliable and superior productivity for websites with large amounts of traffic. 2 GB of RAM is guaranteed, which is the same for both Windows and Linux servers. The 1&1 Website Builder included in all packages is given a bit more freedom on a Linux server because a Windows dedicated server is capped at 10 projects with 50 pages each within our Performance package.

Discover the advantages of choosing a Linux server

A Linux server is considered by many to be the safest and best choice when it comes to web hosting. Reliable, stable and efficient, a Linux web server will perform well with even the most challenging of tasks. For those wanting to work with PHP, Perl or MySQL languages and mostly deal with websites presenting information in data sheets or newsletter and brochure formats, then we would advise that you to select Linux server hosting. In addition, a Linux server shines for websites that contain input, such as filling out forms, purchasing items online and other routine eCommerce tasks.Compared to Windows server hosting, Linux servers are better suited for discussion boards, content management systems or blogs that require open source software. In terms of using open source applications in general, you will find that that a Linux server will be more appropriate. This is because a wider range of open source apps are used with Linux, compared with Windows which uses licensed and sourced apps that require payment.When choosing between a Linux or Windows dedicated server, make a note of the scripting language and tools that you are most likely to use in order to make a better informed decision.

…or Windows?

Learn the benefits of choosing Windows server hosting

Favoritism can play a large part when making your choice between a Windows or Linux server, but here at 1&1, we believe that you should simply select the server that's most fitting to your website. A Windows dedicated server has the familiarity and consistency that many users and web developers desire, but it's still important to compare it's abilities to a Linux server.Windows server hosting shines with a drag-and-drop system for its arrangement and organization; particularly through Net Framework and SharePoint. This is where a Windows dedicated server has an advantage, with the seamless union of Windows applications when you're designing and building your website. Windows definitive apps such as ASP® will function very agreeably if you select a Windows server over a Linux server with 1&1.Additionally, a Windows dedicated server will be a good choice for your website should you decide to include searchable databases. This is due to the fact that Windows has a slight edge over Linux servers with lower development time and integration for users wanting database services for their website.
Why choose 1&1

1&1 is committed to great service and quality with both Windows and Linux servers

Whether you end up selecting a Windows or Linux server is up to you, but no matter which hosting option you choose, you can count on 1&1 to deliver flawless quality, reliability and speed with our hosting solutions. With, 1&1 web hosting you'll receive the ability to host multiple websites and make use of unlimited webspace and traffic; as well as limitless FTP accounts. The 1&1 Control Panel provides easy, seamless administration of your website. In addition, all packages include a free domain and run daily backups of all your server data. If you are still unsure of which package is best for you between a Linux server vs Windows server hosting, then please feel free to contact our helpful and expert service team 24/7, either by phone or email. We have the resources, knowledge and dependability to help your website grow and become the best it can be.

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